July 8, 2015

I would like to commend one of your employees on a job that not only met expectations, but exceeded them. I believe it was June 29 of this year that I found myself in need of a tow. I drive a ’64 Buick Riviera and am particular about how I treat her. Instantly upon arrival I knew I had the right guy for the task. Not only did he get all four wheels off the ground as I have clearance issues with the cars stance, but ‘Jim’ was an absolute pleasure to talk with on the ride into town. His professionalism made him a standout in his field. I have dealt with having my car towed quite a few times and have never been so delighted with a driver. It isn’t the best feeling having your car towed and I walked away from this experience feeling less stressed.  The tow was from the gas station at Tillicum and the Trans Canada to the Esso on Fort.  With my last customer service interaction I will recommend your company to anyone in need of a tow. Keep up the great work!!




February 16, 2015

In the last two years, I have needed to have my car towed (it’s 16 yrs old, and I take care of it, but she’s an old feisty girl {2000 Chrysler Cirrus})a couple of times. Despite regular maintenance and oil changes, things happen.

Every time I’ve called BCAA your wonderful staff comes to save the day!!! If I were a man, I would enjoy the job, very satisfying to help people get back on the road, or to the mechanic shop.

On Feb. 16, with absolutely zero warning, my car started staying in first gear. It couldn’t have come at a worse time (is there ever a good one?). I had a Dr.’s appointment that I had been waiting to see for over 6 months. I had less than 40 minutes to figure out how to get myself to the appt. from my home north of VGH in View Royal.

I felt pretty certain that the car would get me to my appt if I just took the snail route (not the highway).
So, I limped along at 50km to my appt. Once I was finished, I called BCAA.

Within 15-20 minutes your tow truck operator (Paul) was on the scene. As with every driver I’ve seen, he was extremely courteous.

But, it didn’t stop there. I told him what I felt the problem was (although I had no idea what it would cost to fix). Once he had checked my I.D., he took it down the parking lot and hooked it up to the tow truck. Upon leaving, I wasn’t sure if I should go with the car or just take the bus from there… After a moment or two, I decided to take the bus on Douglas Street (I had no idea which one I needed to take to get as close to my home, near Vic General) as possible. Either way, I would be walking from VGH to my home. (As it turned out, I would’ve been taking the same bus because the one to VGH is the one I would’ve had to walk to from Burt’s Automotive. So, Paul saved me a bit of a walk, especially since it was getting dark out.

At any rate, before Paul left he said something that really helped… he said “I hope it isn’t a costly repair”. Thankfully, I did not need to replace the transmission… it was the transmission speed sensor. The repair was just under $300.

I am quite busy job-hunting, so having my car on the road is essential. It’s still another 2km to walk home from VGH, so using the bus is not really an option. I will most likely phone and speak to the manager about Paul, as I usually do after I get towed.

The service at Totem Towing is just fabulous. And, even though it is under strenuous situations that I need to use your services, I can be rest assured that no matter the situation or circumstances, your drivers are awesome!

If you happen to know Paul personally, you can let him see this letter, or give him a copy. I always like to give praise where it is due. I am currently awaiting diagnosis for some back surgery down the road. Paul’s attitude made me feel less upset about the car! :o)

Thanks Totem Towing, your staff are the very best! And special thanks to your great guys who brave the elements for folks when they are in trouble!

Désirée A



June 29, 2014

Seems to me that if a bad job is done a million people will hear about it, yet if a good job is done maybe 5 will hear about it.

I had a awkward tow, steep drive way, instant turn to get a old BIG land barge out from under a cramped carport, on a car that had not moved in over 10 years…. doesn’t run, no brakes….. so if it rolled away disaster would have been unavoidable let alone off a embankment(3-4 foot drop) onto a busy street.

I knew this wasn’t just a “come hook it up tow and go” so I called around.

Not only was Randy the first to return my call but was the most “talking to a REAL person attitude”

I was given a quote over the phone for price and it was pennies over the original quote come payment time as I did not had a correct/exact address for drop off, and I must say by far the fairest price I had received compared to others.

Made my prearranged appointment for the tow and Bruce showed up right on time 2 days later. The morning of I called the office to confirm and the friendly girl knew exactly who I was, etc, etc, etc.

It was a thread the needle removal and drop off but everything happened fast and professional with no problems.

Will I call Totem again? ( Sure hope I don’t have too….ha,ha,ha) But yes, my next tow, I’ll just call them.




Mar 31, 2014

I would like to thank you for having the good sense to employ such wonderful towing professionals as Nic David, Andrew Coates and Bruce McIlroy. Here is my dilemma and how they helped me solve it.

My home is on Salt Spring Island but while visiting friends in Victoria on Friday March 28, I rashly tossed my purse with my car keys, driver’s licence and wallet into the trunk of my Audi convertible. After repeated frustrated attempts to get into the car I called BCAA. Along came Nic to my rescue. He eased open the passenger window door so that I could get into the car and pop open the trunk. However these new European cars are too smart for their own good and any perceived “illegal entry” automatically sends the car into “lock-down mode” with no hope of getting into the trunk. Nic tried every method, including using his cell phone to Google the internet to see if there was an Audi “override button”. He read the car’s manual and he tried pulling out the back passenger panel. Soon he was joined by another of your staff, Andrew Coates, who also attempted to circumvent the Audi Theft Protection mechanism. It seems that in their zealous eagerness to keep out thieves, Audi also keeps out the owners! By this time I was late for a special event that night where I was to provide dessert!. Nic kindly drove me to the nearby venue in his truck, thereby saving the day!

The next day I again called BCAA to have the car towed to the Audi dealership. Again Totem Towing came to the rescue – sending Bruce McIlroy. He expertly and patiently loaded the car onto the “dollies” – even measuring the distance from the curb and tying the steering wheel, so there was no chance of a problem. Bystanders mentioned that they’d never seen such care taken. He definitely used “kid gloves” on my car and said – “Cars are expensive – I handle all cars I tow as if they were my own.” He also gave me a ride to the Audi dealership where the technician was able to gain special access to the truck.

Having your staff look after a stranded visitor with such polite and patient expertise meant everything to me. Without their help, the outcome would have been much different.

Carolyn G



Nov 13, 2013

Thanks Totem

I had excellent service tonight. My vintage Jaguar suffered an electrical problem and I needed a tow. The truck was on the spot in about 1 minute. The driver, Bryan Gold, was competent and courteous. He loaded up the vehicle and drove me from Victoria to Deep Cove, carefully parking the vehicle at my local service station, and then he drove me home. First class in every respect. Well done.

Brian S



Oct 2, 2013

We had a very unwelcome need for a tow on the wet and windy evening of Sept 29. Your operator #22 did a superb job – efficient helpful and couldn’t have been better. Please pass on our grateful thanks. It was a very stressful time for us as we were leaving for Toronto early the next morning and still had many things to do.  Again THANK YOU

Eleanor and Dennis H



Aug 18, 2013

Just wanted to let you know how impressive we were with the service we received.  We were immediately sent an email saying that somebody would phone within 15 minutes and somebody did within 5 minutes.  The person on the phone was professional, courteous and informative.  We called back today to book the service and again we were welcomed with a fabulous attitude.  Everything was prompt in terms of service.  We met the driver at the arranged location and he was even better than what could have been imagined.  He was professional, knowledgeable, time efficient and safe.  He had concerns for our boat since it had a broken axle; he was diligent about caring for it.  His driving was perfect and he was always polite even when he thought things had to be done his way, he was never unpleasant or demeaning.  I was very impressed with Kevin.  Many thanks Kevin and to all the phone people who were receptive.

Louise G



I just want to send a note regarding  your tow truck operator, Bryan Gold. What an asset to your company! The best personality and helpful nature for the job – put me at ease, made me laugh during a stressful time and helped solve the problem. Thanks!

Cindy V



A huge ‘thank you’ to Totem Towing, especially to Andrew who assisted me today.

Instead of just towing my car, he checked it to make sure it needed to be towed. Andrew fixed my car. It was as simple as loose screws/bolts to the battery.

He was professional, courteous and efficient.

As I was preparing to notify my work in Vancouver that I may need to miss a day because my car was going to need some servicing, Andrew saved me a great deal of anxiety and time,that I just do not have to spare.

Thank you Totem Towing. Your team is very professional.

Noni B



I just want to commend your driver ‘Adam’ who assisted us this afternoon.  Adam was prompt, professional, courteous, knowledgeable & personable.  We were most impressed with the service both Totem Towing & BCAA provided.

Kudo’s to you Adam & to Totem Towing & BCAA!!  We will definitely recommend Totem to our friends & family when in need of such services.

Cheers, Tom & Laura B



My name is David and I just got into my first (and hopefully only) car accident at the intersection of Feltham and Tyndall this evening at 7pm. Naturally, I was quite shook up, but thankfully no one (including myself) were injured.  I would like to inform you of one of your employee’s exceptional service – Dennis.  Out of all of the police, paramedics, witnesses, and firemen involved, he was the one who eased my nerves and suggested the necessary actions and steps to take – which helped immensely since I was clueless as what to do.  His confident, self-assured manner, and humorous personality made the scary situation much less traumatic for myself.

So, please thank him for being quick and professional in terms of executing his job as well as providing exceptional customer service.  You are truly lucky to have him as part of your team.

Thanks, David P



Yesterday I had to make a call through BCAA for service (dead-battery) and the call was brokered through to Totem Towing. The service was excellent from start to finish; I was notified automatically by BCAA that a driver was en route and received a subsequent notification directly from your dispatch. The driver (Maurice) was prompt, polite and efficient and had me going in short order. Thanks to Maurice and the rest of your team on some quality service; something that seems to get rarer by the day!


Peter G



I’d like to compliment Adam Reid on his cheerful professionalism when he towed my Subaru Legacy from near Goldstream Park to Saunders Subaru late this afternoon, after it died from electrical causes. He arrived when predicted, concurred with my diagnosis and the value of being towed, quickly hooked up while we chatted, and got underway.  We had a good conversation enroute to Saunders, where he very neatly maneuvered in their crowded lot and backed the car in to where we unloaded it smoothly (I used to drive long-haul trailer in another life, so could appreciate the technical aspects of his maneuvering….). Adam projected confidence, skill, and a very pleasant demeanour throughout the transaction.   Please pass my thanks to him.



Just a quick note to thank the Totem team for the help & quick response to my BCAA call today. In particular, I’d like to compliment Brian on the great job he did rescuing us when were stranded with a flat tire on Royal Oak today. He was prompt, courteous, & kind. He really made sure our day wasn’t spoiled & that we could carry on with our visit to Vancouver.



Enroute to a special event hosted by the members, a large rock pierced the oil pan and inflicted other damages.  Eric ensured the oil pan was no longer leaking on the highway. While Eric drove the members to the car rental company, he talked about fishing to take the member’s minds off their problems. He then helped transfer the food and flowers into the courtesy car. He is a ‘cool customer’ whose can-do attitude is an asset during stressful situations such as they encountered. “We recommend his professional service as a representative of Totem Towing”



I recently had some problems with my van, and I needed a tow.  Ernie Meyer (from Totem Towing) happened to be the driver and I couldn’t say enough about him.  He was not only courteous but very helpful in resolving some of my issues regarding my situation.  Luckily for me, on a following incident he was the driver again. He was understanding and very empathic to my dilemma.  It gives me a new perspective on the work that tow truck drivers do and how they contribute to the solutions of problems I am writing this letter to let you know that is a valued employee and be recognized as such.
Richard W




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