Our Fleet

Service Trucks

These trucks carry out a variety of service calls in our daily operation including installation of new batteries, lockouts, flat tire changes, general trouble shooting and even bicycle transport in the event you get a flat tire or snap a chain.

Light Duty Tow Trucks

Century 411 Towing Equipment

  • Tow rating; 7500lbs with an 8000lb winch.
  • Boom rating; 16,000lbs (retracted) and 4000lbs (extended).

The Light Duty fleet handles most cars and pickup trucks up to ½ ton rating.

5th Wheel Tow Trucks

Besides towing cars, these trucks are equipped without booms and have 5th wheel plates installed for towing recreational trailers weighing up to 15,000lbs, this also includes ball hitch travel trailers.

Medium Duty Tow Trucks

Century 411 Towing Equipment

  • Towing capacity; 7500lb with an 8000lb  winch with 3/8 inch wire rope.
  • 16,000lb Boom Rating (retracted) and 4000lbs (extended).
  • Recreational (ball hitch) and Commercial Trailer (pintle hitch) towing up to 15,000lb provided these trailers are equipped with electric brakes.

The Medium Duty fleet can tow any vehicle up to a 1-Ton truck so long as it doesn’t contain a heavy load of goods.

Car Carriers or Ramp Trucks

  • 2 trucks with a 21 foot Century deck, an 8000lb winch, and a load capacity of 8778 lbs.
    • These trucks are equipped for hauling Vehicles, Motorcycles, and Light Industrial Equipment, such as forklifts, mini excavators, rubber tired and tracked skid steers, scissor lifts, empty sea containers, etc.  They are all equipped with a wheel-lift giving us the ability to move 2 vehicles at once.
  • 1 truck with a 22 foot Century deck, an 8000lb winch, and a load capacity of 14,234 lbs.
    • With the larger carrying capacity, this truck is perfect for moving larger equipment such as loaded sea containers, larger forklifts, backhoe’s and rubber and tracked skid steers.


Heavy Duty Tow Truck (Single Axle 7-Ton) – Category I & II

Century 612 Formula 6500 Towing Equipment

  • 20,000 lb. boom rating (retracted) and 6000lb (extended).
  • 20,000 lb. towing capacity.
  • 2 x 12,000lb worm gear winches with 3/8 inch wire rope.

This single axle Heavy Duty Wrecker deals with anything from a loaded 1-Ton truck up to an unloaded single axle 5-Ton cargo van with air brakes.  It can also handle smaller buses and most Class A, Class B, & Class C motorhomes.

Heavy Duty Tandem Tow Truck – Category III

Century 5030T Towing Equipment

  • 35,000 lb. hydraulic under-lift (retracted) and16,000 lb. (fully extended).
  • 5th Wheel pin & plate.
  • Two 35,000 lb. radius winches with 250 ft. recovery lines.
  • Heavy Duty wheel-lift.
  • 30 Ton lift capacity boom.

The Big Daddy can tow just about everything on the road, including dump trucks, single or double-decker buses, motorhomes, loaded cement trucks, etc.

Western Star Tandem Tractor

This unit provides Pin to Pin tractor service available as well as all Commercial trailer towing applications such as reefers, van bodies, step-decks and tankers.


Heavy Duty Trailer or Deck

Trail-Eze TE801 Trailer

  • 53 Foot triple-axle air ride suspension trailer with a 6 ¾ to 8 degree load angle, wood decking.
  • 12,000lb hydraulic winch, 80,000lbs capacity distributed and 50,000lbs capacity concentrated.

The main bed is tilted hydraulically and the hinged slope forms a straight ramp to the upper deck which remains flat on the 5th wheel at all times.  This unit is perfect for moving buses, motorhomes, or industrial equipment of almost any size, up to 11 feet tall.

Bobcat S220 Skid Steer Loader

The Bobcat S220 has a rated operating capacity of 2300lbs. It is perfect for snow removal in small to medium sized parking lots and can be used to clear areas that are inaccessible for the tow truck performing difficult recoveries


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